Hi! I'm Mingxin Gong (some people call me Ming too). This year, I am running for student council grade 10 rep.

I love organizing events, socializing with people, travelling, and taking photos. In my spare time, I am involved in many different organizations including CYEA, which encourages leadership in youth, TEDx Youth @ Granville which empowers youth to share their ideas and stories, and Kids For Climate Action, which empowers youth to take action against climate change.

Talking to people and sharing ideas are two of my favorite things to do. I can and will listen to all your ideas, in order to represent you in the best way possible. 

Above all, I want to work together with you to make our grade 10 year the best, and most unforgettable grade 10 year ever.



I have been involved with many different organizations and extracurricular activities, and I know how to handle the many responsibilities I will have being on student council. Even though I have many extracurricular activities at hand, I make sure I don't slack off on school work and I have gotten honor roll for the past 2 terms of grade 9.


I currently run my own website/graphic design business online, and I work at a company called Granville Marketing. I also serve as an executive at K4CA, and at TEDx Youth @ Granville. I know how to listen to others' feedback, and I like taking the initiative to improve people's experiences. I am also well-versed in technology, and I know how to build and manage websites, and design graphics, and to code (I can CSS, but I'd need glasses if I wanted to C++), .


My biggest goal of running for grade 10 rep is being able to represent our grade, and make our grade 10 year the best year yet. Of course it wouldn't be possible to do that without listening to your suggestions and criticism. I want all of you to ask questions, and I would always be happy to answer them.


I love helping people. I want to bring your suggestions and ideas to the table, and represent you in the best way possible. Whether it's listening to your ideas, or helping you with homework, I am always happy to support you. 

I'm no glue salesman, but I do stick to my word." - Mingxin Gong