Vote Ming Gong for Churchill Student Council Vice President!


Hi there!

I'm Mingxin (Ming), and I am running for the Vice President of Churchill's Student Council. 

My past three years of high school have been spent at Churchill, and I can honestly admit that Churchill has an amazing community, featuring amazing students, teachers, and a culture of always helping others. 

I have seen 3 generations of Student Councils at Churchill organize fun events for the students here, and providing an exceptional learning environment for all the students here. 

Today, I want to be the next step in making Churchill a better, more fun, and more inclusive community for our students. 

I hope you will have the pleasure of joining me in making Churchill an even better school in the coming year!

Here's the game plan.

The student council always strives to produce some of the most unique and entertaining events, be it a gingerbread house making contest, Freezie eating contest, Multicultural Week, Slip and Slide, or even a carnival.

Next year, I want to promote this type of community engagement even further. I want to have one theme week such as an Environmental Week, Multicultural Week, or Halloween Week  every month, and host 2 dances. I believe that events like these work together to build better and stronger communities of friends, making Churchill a better school to attend. 

Did you know that Churchill hosted the VSB Sustainability Conference this year on April 19th? The VSB Sustainability Conference focuses on educating and empowering young people on issues relating to our environment, and featured keynote speeches, plenty of fun and informative workshops , an NGO fair, as well as a community planning session for a sustainable future in VSB Schools. 

I believe that we all deserve a sustainable environment for ourselves and future generations to live in, and as the vice president of Churchill's student council, I would like to do whatever it takes to enrich education on environmental sustainability, as well as perform an active role in helping make Churchill reduce its garbage and pollution, creating a sustainable environment here at Churchill.

The community in Sir Winston Churchill Secondary school is really quite a closely knit community of over 2000 students and staff. I'm sure that most of the students at Churchill have a strong network of friendships, and part of my goal running for Vice President is to create an even better community at Churchill, through organizing more events for students to enjoy. 

Additionally, I plan on improving the student council's online and social media presence. I plan on creating a student council website to advertise our events, allow people to give anonymous suggestions and feedback to the student council and the school, and post interesting and motivational items on there. Additionally, our social media coverage will be greatly expanded, through our favorite social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, so that you can get news from the student council faster. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

Planning things out is awesome! But what is a plan without a proper execution? 

I hope you all have the pleasure of aiding me in making Churchill a better place, for all of us. 

Make sure to Vote for Ming Gong on last block on April 27th 2016!


Anything else you'd like to add?